10 Reasons Why Western Star 4700

Western Star 4700 Series



Can’t afford the quality of Western Star? Well now you can, the all new 4700 series is built to meet the demands of today’s budgets. This new truck is still of course every bit a Western Star. Unmatched attention to detail, hand-built just like they’ve been doing for 40 years. Durable and reliable but designed to be lighter to save you money. The half-inch-thick, single-channel frame rails gives you both.

Galvannealed steel cabs with extra gussets and reinforcements that are bonded instead of riveted and precision welded for strength. The cabs are then dipped and protected with a 17-stage e-coat process for long-lasting corrosion resistance. The interior is built with a 72-inch-wide cab with a sloped hood for increase visibility.

The cab feature storage in the doors and between the seats, as well as marine-grade switches and a hinged dash with exposed fasteners for faster access. A dedicated wiring floor channel with an easy-to-remove top provides plenty of room for you to run your own wiring. The interface connector and transmission control unit are inside the cab and out of the elements.

Here are the Top Reasons to Buy Western Star

1. Ride Quality – they made sure the ride quality matches the build.

2. Power Choices – Each can be spec’d to order.

3. Factory Customization – 3,600 options mean you can get it how you want it.

4. Dealer Network – a big network to support you.

5. Durability – they only use components that meet their standards.

6. Body-Builder Friendly – they make trucks designed to reduce installation time.

7. Lightweight Options – you can spec a truck to be one of the lightest available.

8. Driver Comfort- designed for overall driver comfort.

9. Rugged Frames – a strong frame makes a strong truck.

10. Easier Serviceability – made easy to work on.


The new Western Star 4700 is built with body builder-specific options that reduce installation time and save money. Clear frame rails with in-cab batteries, clean back of cab for front frame extensions and ample room between the seats to install auxiliary equipment. The 4700 comes standard with a stationary grille to make installing the equipment you need a little easier.