Caterpillar D5B

The D5B includes a 3306 six-cylinder engine generating 105 flywheel horsepower (FWHP). It comes standard with oil-cooled clutches and brakes, mixed steering, single-lever dozer controller, sealed and lubricated trail (SALT), electrical hour meter, and gas system water separator.

It is offered in two configurations: the standard version has a track gauge of 74 inches (188 cm); the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configuration has an 81-inch (206-cm) track gauge. Both are available with either powershift transmission or direct drive.
Standard configuration, direct drive tractors were manufactured in the USA, using a 23X, 25X, or 26X serial number prefix; in Japan, using a 47X prefix; and in France, using a 21Y or 43X prefix. The 26X and 21Y components are special application (SA) tractors with 90 FWHP. The 47X unit has [[roll over protection system] (ROPS) adaptability.
Standard configuration powershift tractors were manufactured in Japan, with a 48X prefix, also in France, with a 44X prefix. The 48X unit features a direct injection scroll metering fuel system (SMFS) and 75 FWHP.
LGP configuration, direct push tractors were manufactured in Japan, using a 49X prefix, also in France, with a 45X prefix. The 49X unit includes ROPS.
LGP configuration powershift tractors were manufactured in France just, using a 46X prefix.
Caterpillar also manufactured three D5B tractors with 60-inch (152-cm) monitor gauges. The drive unit has been created using a 22X prefix only, in USA. The powershift unit was fabricated with a 24X prefix, in the united states, also in France. The 8MB unit includes a 3306 direct injection (DI) engine.

Between 1978 and 1981, Caterpillar installed a 3306 DI engine, SMFS and a fail-safe parking brake into most units manufactured in Japan and France, beginning with 44X00411, 21Y00558, 43X00722, 45X00422, 46X00724, 47X00520, 48X00589, and 49X01412.
However, many of the above features were added separately on the American units. The 3306 DI engine and SMFS were installed in 1980, beginning with 22X00439, 23X00778, 24X00413, 25X01815, and 26X00878. The fail-safe parking brake was added in 1981, beginning with 22X00531, 23X00842, and 25X02073.
Between 1979 and 1981, Caterpillar modified the steering valves on most units, beginning with 47X00395, 48X00433, 49X01119, 43X00643, 44X00589, 45X00422, 46X00724, 22X00542, 23X00866, and 25X02090.
In 1980, a standardized neutral start was installed in some units, beginning with 21Y00496, 43X00628, 47X00482, and 49X01250. Meanwhile, a neutral start switch was added to a few of the American units, beginning with 22X00459, 23X00786, and 26X00884.
Production of 23X ended in 1982.
In 1984, Caterpillar installed a standardized blow fan in both SA units (26X and 21Y), beginning with 26X01146 and 21Y00608. The 26X unit had its horsepower increased to 105 FWHP at the same time.
Production of 25X and 26X ended in 1984.
Production of 22X, 24X, 43X, and 45X ended in 1985.
Production of 47X, 49X, 44X, and 46X ended in 1986.
Production of 48X ended in 1987.
Production of 21Y and 8MB ended in 1988. Caterpillar began production of the D5B in Brazil the same year.
Two units were manufactured in Brazil. Both are standard configuration tractors with 3306 direct injection engines and Bosch fuel injection systems. They were intended for the domestic Brazilian market only. The direct drive unit has 105 FWHP and was given a 5LD prefix; the powershift unit has 114 FWHP and was given an 8HD prefix.
Production in Brazil ended in 1992.

2014 Kenworth T359A


Your choice of Mine Spec or Civil Spec:
– Brand New 18,000Lt Galvanised Tank with Painted Sides and Rear
– 3 Rear Sprays
– 2 Batter Sprays
– 2 Front Road Sprays
– Choice of Gravity Fed Drop Bars or Rear Pressurised Dribble Bar
– Galvanised Hose Reel with 20m of Ace Hose and PowerJet Nozzle
– 4×3″ Live Drive PTO Pump
– Overhead Fill with Funnel (your choice of colour)
– Self Fill
– Pneumatic In-Cab Controls to All Sprays
– Rear Bar fitted with LED Lights
– Certified Rollover Protection System (ROPS)
– Engineers Certification / Modification Plate
– E-Stops
– Wheel Chocks
– Starter & Battery Isolators
– Jumpstart
– UHF Radio
– Mine Conspicuous Tape to Sides of Tank
– Fire Extinguisher
– First Aid Kit
– Wheel Nut Indicators
– Triangles
– Reverse Camera
– Rear Hitch/Tow Point
– Various Safety Decals & more!

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Caterpillar D4G XL Dozer with ripper fitted

The newest D4G combines the energy of a larger tractor together with the versatility and manoeuvrability of a smaller machine in one single bundle to fulfill a wide variety of applications. With its comfortable operator station, outstanding visibility and straightforward joystick control, the D4G is all you expect from Caterpillar.

Designed for all your construction requirements.

The re-designed cabin is quiet and more spacious for a work environment that is comfortable.

The well-established Caterpillar T six-cylinder engine provides power that is smooth, responsive with outstanding fuel economy and continuing reliability.

With a 14% gain in blade capability, the Variable Power Perspective and Tip (VPAT) knife is created and constructed for unparalleled flexibility.

This new, bigger ripper is more competitive and permits the operator to do ripper work that is more effective. Heavy duty design provides longevity. Similar linkage layout allows for maneuverability and better penetration in tight areas. A longer shank delivers more work per move producing the
machine more successful.

This Device is prepared for Levelling Grading Funnel, system & platform fitted for GPS Antenna Construction Sales

Caterpillar D6R XL Dozer / Crawler

The D6R Series III is engineered for demanding applications with the reliability and low operating costs you expect from Cat machines.


An isolation- mounted, pressurized cab reduces sound and vibration for operator comfort. The cab is pre-wired for a 12-volt or 24-volt radio, equipped with two loudspeakers, an antenna and a radio mount recessed in the headliner.

The Cat Comfort Series seat has a thick, contoured pillow, rolled down front edge and is adjustable eight-manners for comfort and ideal support. The operator has a great view to rear and the blade of the machine for maximum productivity. Seat side bolsters limit side-to-side movement when working on steep grades or side pitches. The operator can feel load and the terrain on the device through the seat.

The tapered hood, notched fuel tank and narrow single-shank ripper carriage give a clear line of sight to the front and rear work spaces to the operator. The large single-pane windows blade and offer excellent screening.

  • Adjustable Armrests. Adjustment could be performed without using any tools.
  • In-Dash Instrument Cluster.
  • Readouts and all gauges can be visible in direct sunlight.

Cat C9 Engine with ACERT Technology.

It uses a group of Caterpillar engineered inventions that provide innovative electronic control, ACERT Technology, refined air management and precision fuel delivery, leading to lower emissions and outstanding performance. Technology fulfills U.S. EPA Tier 3 and European Union Stage IIIa emissions standards.

Cylinder head material toughness and increased block minimizes the effect of high cylinder pressure. The sculpted heavy-duty design reduces sound and vibration levels. The built-in oil cooler reduces engine weight, width and possible leaks while improving oil and coolant flow.

Undercarriage and sub-structure

The exclusive SystemOne Undercarriage was fashioned for dependability and durability by substantially increasing undercarriage life and reducing possessing and operating costs.A unique attribute of the System One Undercarriage is that, unlike a conventional undercarriage, a master fashion link isn’t needed. This enhances endurance and trail reliability.


All blades feature a strong box-section design that resists cracking and twisting. Blades are manufactured from Cat DH-2™ steel that has high tensile strength and stands up to the most severe applications. Heavy moldboard building and hardened bolt-on cutting end bits and edges add durability and strength.

Semi-Universal. The Semi-Universal blade is built for demanding applications where capacity and penetration is essential.

Straight Blade. The S-blade provides versatility that is great. It may handle heavier materials than a larger blade because it has less blade capability.

Angle Blade. The angle blade is fastened by outside-mounted pusharms using a pinned connection that allows blade angling and leaning, left or right.

Blade angle is shifted manually and blade tilt is changed hydraulically.

The operator may also adjust blade pitch.

Better cutting edge visibility from operator station

• Enhanced rock and angle cylinder lines routing and guarding

• Enhanced structural durability

• No wear plates needed on main frame or the radiator guard

Answering a significance of a tractor maneuverable with the skill to cut and complete levels, operators are given the stability needed when working on inclines by the D6R III. When coupled with the VPAT blade, the D6R III allows for rough and finish grade that is more efficient in uses like house pad construction and golf course development.

2016 Putzmeister BSF 42-5.16H

Putzmeister BSF 42-5.16H Generation 2 Concrete Pump, mounted on a DAF CF85, 8×4, Euro 5 chassis. Also available on Mercedes Benz and MAN
Boom is a 42metre, 5 stage, Roll Z configuration, 125mm (5inch) Esser Twin wall pipeline, fitted with End hose Squeezer. Boom is fitted with Putzmeisters unique OSS – One Side Support. Smallest outrigger footprint in the market, 7.5m front to front outrigger, 7.9m rear outriggers, or OSS = 4.8m on front and 6.2m on rear.
Pump is a 16H Kit, which has 160 cubic metre per hour output, 85 bar hydraulic pressure, 230mm x 2100 concrete cylinders. Putzmeister radio remote with digital display, with spare remote and cord.

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IVECO EuroCargo ML225

Supplying market-leading ergonomics and relaxation, exceptional functionality and fantastic manoeuvrability it is no question the Eurocargo is among Europe’s most popular medium duty vans.

The latest Eurocargo range is a flexible, large quality European truck providing outstanding fuel economy, enhanced cost of ownership with 80,000, a market leading turning circle, kilometers, oil change intervals and first-class comfort driveability. Using a wide variety of variations including many transmitting, wheelbases, axle and taxi choices, there is bound to be a Eurocargo to match any medium-load use.

Another benefit of the variety is its flexibility. It is simple to drive in city centers thanks to a lightweight cab and a market-leading steering angle (49 degrees) supplies an excellent turning circle. The EuroCargo also provides excellent performance with to 279 hp available, while additionally returning outstanding fuel efficiency.

The Eurocargo cab chassis is a great platform to get an extensive range of body fitments – the chassis rails are fully flat at the top and free from impediments, letting human body measures from 7 to 9.5m.

Having a gross vehicle mass of 22.5 lots, the Eurocargo ML225 is the biggest model in the Eurocargo range. For those jobs that require that extra carrying capability, the ML225 is installed using an added axle in a 6×2 layout. Run by the 279 hp engine, the ML225 has lots of power when required while also returning remarkable energy efficiency. The ML225 also supplies the alternative of both sleeper cab or a day two different wheelbase options, as well as A9-speed automatic or manual tranmission.


  • Low chassis height.
  • ISRI air suspended drivers seat.
  • Superior Turning Circle.
  • 80,000km Engine Oil Service Intervals
  • Manual, Automatic Or Automated Transmissions.
  • Day Or Sleeper Cab.
  • Ecas Air Suspension for a Smooth Ride/li>

Wacker Neuson BS 50-4s Rammer

The BS 50- 4s four -cycle rammer features a Wacker Neuson WM 100 engine, providing a 10 percent increase in power. It hits at 660 bumps per minute and has an amplitude (stroke) of 1.56 inches. The unit features an easier start due to its lightbulb carburetor that is purge, which allows operators to purge air from the carburetor and replace it. The rammer has an integral ignition and fuel shutoff in the throttle.

10 Reasons Why Western Star 4700

Western Star 4700 Series



Can’t afford the quality of Western Star? Well now you can, the all new 4700 series is built to meet the demands of today’s budgets. This new truck is still of course every bit a Western Star. Unmatched attention to detail, hand-built just like they’ve been doing for 40 years. Durable and reliable but designed to be lighter to save you money. The half-inch-thick, single-channel frame rails gives you both.

Galvannealed steel cabs with extra gussets and reinforcements that are bonded instead of riveted and precision welded for strength. The cabs are then dipped and protected with a 17-stage e-coat process for long-lasting corrosion resistance. The interior is built with a 72-inch-wide cab with a sloped hood for increase visibility.

The cab feature storage in the doors and between the seats, as well as marine-grade switches and a hinged dash with exposed fasteners for faster access. A dedicated wiring floor channel with an easy-to-remove top provides plenty of room for you to run your own wiring. The interface connector and transmission control unit are inside the cab and out of the elements.

Here are the Top Reasons to Buy Western Star

1. Ride Quality – they made sure the ride quality matches the build.

2. Power Choices – Each can be spec’d to order.

3. Factory Customization – 3,600 options mean you can get it how you want it.

4. Dealer Network – a big network to support you.

5. Durability – they only use components that meet their standards.

6. Body-Builder Friendly – they make trucks designed to reduce installation time.

7. Lightweight Options – you can spec a truck to be one of the lightest available.

8. Driver Comfort- designed for overall driver comfort.

9. Rugged Frames – a strong frame makes a strong truck.

10. Easier Serviceability – made easy to work on.


The new Western Star 4700 is built with body builder-specific options that reduce installation time and save money. Clear frame rails with in-cab batteries, clean back of cab for front frame extensions and ample room between the seats to install auxiliary equipment. The 4700 comes standard with a stationary grille to make installing the equipment you need a little easier.

Schwing SP500 Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

SCHWING SP500 is ideal for general concreting over long distance (354m) and medium rise (100m), spraying, grouting, slab jacking, and slurries

Specification is max. output 35 m3 / hr, and max. pressure of 76 bar through the twin circuit pump kit. Pumping cylinders with 1000mm stroke and 150mm bore. Max. 32.5 strokes per minute.

Mounted on a single axle trailer for smooth towing. The 2 point lifting frame provides added maneuverability. Fuel efficient 81HP Cat Diesel power-plant for reliability.

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Tieman Unveiles PBS Approved 20m B-double Tanker

Tieman has recently unveiled PBS-approved 20m B-double bulk liquid combinations that offer significant payload gains for the bulk tanker transport market.

Using the Conventional Mass Limits (CML) network, it can reach 59.75 tonnes, and importantly according to Tieman it is also approved to run on General Access routes with a 50.5-tonne limit.

“Our new Tieman tri-bogie combination is a game changer for the bulk liquid segment of the industry, as it can provide payload gains between eight and 12 per cent compared to a conventional 19m B-double on HML routes,” says Joint Managing Director, Colin Tieman.

According to Colin, the eight to 12 per cent increase is the result of reducing tare weight – “a major reason why we they are able to achieve such a huge net payload advantage on the 20m design,” he explained.

Callaghan Placing Boom 36m

Callaghan 2015 KB-M36R placing boom is the latest from KCP Concrete Pumps

* 36m Horizontal Reach.
* 4 Section Roll Fold Boom
* 415v electric motor
* Pinned columns (no bolts or special tools required for assembly.)
* HBC radio control
* 2 x 10m Columns
* 1 x Cross Base
* 3 x Ladder Sections
* 1 x Working Platform
* 1 x Climbing Cylinder Set
* 3 x Floor Collars
* Pipeline to the base of the columns

Have a range of placing boom available from 18m to 60m as well as stationary pumps from 60m3h to 120m3h and 224 bar concrete pressure.

2010 Kenworth T908 For Sale

An excellent truck with good engine, excellent choice for an owner driver.

Cummins ISX engine @ 525hp, 18spd Roadranger, 46,000lb Diffs, Rear cross lock, 50″ Bunk with left and right doors, ABS Brakes, Cruise, Red Dot Cooler, Viesa Cooler,Tilt Steering, AM/FM Radio CD Player, UHF, CB Radio, Dolly Pull, Back Up Lights, Stainless tank trims with lights, Elephants ears, Bug deflector, Bonnet wind deflector.

Located in Victoria

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History of Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment, started in 1832, is the world’s oldest industrial company still active in the construction machinery market. Today, Volvo CE is a world leader for the design, engineering and manufacturing of equipment for industry and construction. Volvo machines are recognised as being the world leader for quality, safety, comfort and reliability.


Industrial development of the old agricultural ways was accelerated in the mid-1800s. Ideas and innovations grew from the technical talent of regular farm owners solving their everyday problems with mechanical solutions. Three technical genius in particular, Johan Theofron Munktell and the brothers Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder built up the company of Bolinder-Munktell which today is Volvo Construction Equipment.

From the beginning, the company produced on demand for customers like simple tools for lathes, grinders and iron chests. In the 1850s Bolinder started producing its own steam engines and in 1853 the first Swedish steam locomotive was produced but the big seller starting that same year was the locomobile – a type of steam-powered traction engine for heavy haulage and driving mobile machinery. Munktell in particular was a innovative genius designing a printing press, tooling machines, drills and even started his own brewery.

In 1906 the first of the companies many construction machines saw the light of day, the steam roller. Following the steam roller was the first Swedish farm tractor that came a few year later in 1913. Even from very early in both the Bolinder company as well as Munktells engines were a large part of the production. Together with Palmcrantzs Verkstäder, J & CG Bolinders Mekaniska Verkstads Bolinder-Munktell even built a steam powered submarine between 1879 and 1883.

In 1950s Bolinder-Munktell was acquired by Volvo and this began one of the most innovative periods in the company’s history. The Wheel-loader was created by reversing a tractor and adding a bucket over the rear larger wheels. Then in the 1960s Volvo introduced the world’s first articulated hauler – the Gravel Charlie. By 1985 Volvo had entered the North American market and soon after South America and later with the opening up of Europe acquired many industrial producers through out the region and even became a pioneering investor in Korea in the late 80s.

Today Volvo Construction Equipment is a global group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines – truly a global powerhouse that sprung from the very beginnings of the industrial revolution.

Caterpillar Cat 931c Information


In 1988 The Caterpillar 931C crawler loader was introduced to replace the Caterpillar 931B.

The 931C has a four-cylinder 67 flywheel horsepower (FWHP) 3204 direct injection engine. It comes standard with modified undercarriage and steering clutch and brake linkage.

It was available in two tack gauges – the standard model has a gauge of 56 inches (142 cm) and the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configuration has a 65-inch (165-cm) gauge.

The 2BJ and 6RF units have a three speeds forward, three reverse powershift transmission. The 7HF and 8AF units have a three speeds forward, one reverse powershift transmission. The 5LG has a five speeds forward, four reverse direct drive transmission.

In 1990 three 931C Series II crawler loaders were introduced (2AK, 6AJ, 9AG). They all come standard with a ground engaging tool (GET) option, a new operator station, and increased breakout force.

The 2AK and 6AJ both have a three speeds forward, three reverse transmission. The 9AG has three speeds forward, one reverse. Production of the 931C Series II ended in 1993.

1996 32XL Schwing 1200 Boom Pump

Make/Brand: Schwing
Model/Product: 32XL
Equipment Hours: 1516
Miles: 755000
Truck Hours: 26423

Wear Parts 95%/ Boom pipe 70% Excellent Working Condition

Concreteequipmentzone specializes in offering a wide range of Used Concrete Boom Pumps. With over 27 years in the Industry they can help with all of the Major Brands of pumps such as Putzmeister / Schwing / Alliance / and many others.

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