Schwing SP500 Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

SCHWING SP500 is ideal for general concreting over long distance (354m) and medium rise (100m), spraying, grouting, slab jacking, and slurries

Specification is max. output 35 m3 / hr, and max. pressure of 76 bar through the twin circuit pump kit. Pumping cylinders with 1000mm stroke and 150mm bore. Max. 32.5 strokes per minute.

Mounted on a single axle trailer for smooth towing. The 2 point lifting frame provides added maneuverability. Fuel efficient 81HP Cat Diesel power-plant for reliability.

Truck Sales

1996 32XL Schwing 1200 Boom Pump

Make/Brand: Schwing
Model/Product: 32XL
Equipment Hours: 1516
Miles: 755000
Truck Hours: 26423

Wear Parts 95%/ Boom pipe 70% Excellent Working Condition

Concreteequipmentzone specializes in offering a wide range of Used Concrete Boom Pumps. With over 27 years in the Industry they can help with all of the Major Brands of pumps such as Putzmeister / Schwing / Alliance / and many others.

Concrete Equipment Zone

The Power of Concrete Pumps

Concrete Pumps in Construction

Concrete Pumping is an efficient and reliable method of placing concrete. A pump works by one piston drawing liquid concrete into one cylinder while the another one simultaneously pushes its concrete out into the discharge pipes. Each time the piston pushes the concrete out a valve switches over and the second piston pushes concrete out while the first draws it in. This ensures a smooth constant flow. The pistons generate the differential in atmospheric pressure required to drag the viscous liquid in and significant force to expel it.

Concrete pump can be attached to a truck or longer units are on semi-trailers. This is known as a boom concrete pump when using a remote-controlled articulating arm to accurately place concrete. Boom pumps are used on mostly on the larger construction projects as they are capable of pumping at very high volumes. They also reduce the necessity for ground-based pipes which are time consuming and often difficult install and require extra labour.

The other type of concrete pump is commonly referred to as a line pump requiring steel or flexible concrete placing hoses to be manually attached to the outlet of the pump. By linking them together concrete can be manually placed. This is time-consuming and they usually pump concrete at lower volumes than boom pumps. Usually not used in construction they are often used for smaller volume concrete placing such as swimming pools, new concrete slabs or concrete patching.

The biggest advantage of boom pumps is their pinpoint accuracy and capacity to deliver concrete to areas that might not be easily or safely accessed. In 1986, Putzmeister 52Z’s were used in the Chernobyl nuclear accident, pumping over 400,000 cubic yards of concrete to entomb reactor number 4. In 2011 Putzmeister 70z and 62z were used on the Fukishima Nuclear reactor to pump seawater to cool the reactor.

The Concrete Pump was particularly important in revolutionising the construction of high rise buildings replacing lift large buckets (or skips) full of concrete via a crane. However a crane could lift one bucket at a time. The ease and speed of pumping concrete makes it the most economical method of concrete placement.

Schwing 61-58SX Boom Pump in Action

Mecbo Concrete Boom Pump

Ideal for pouring volume concrete for footings, floors & suspended slabs
Fast, economical and safe method of pouring concrete
Ideal for pouring concrete at height
Easy to move from site to site
Concrete pumping systems, output from 25m3/hr – 150m3/hr
Concrete booms from 12m to 53m (3,4&5 sections, R and ZR folds)
Shot-crete for tunneling and special applications