2014 Kenworth T359A


Your choice of Mine Spec or Civil Spec:
– Brand New 18,000Lt Galvanised Tank with Painted Sides and Rear
– 3 Rear Sprays
– 2 Batter Sprays
– 2 Front Road Sprays
– Choice of Gravity Fed Drop Bars or Rear Pressurised Dribble Bar
– Galvanised Hose Reel with 20m of Ace Hose and PowerJet Nozzle
– 4×3″ Live Drive PTO Pump
– Overhead Fill with Funnel (your choice of colour)
– Self Fill
– Pneumatic In-Cab Controls to All Sprays
– Rear Bar fitted with LED Lights
– Certified Rollover Protection System (ROPS)
– Engineers Certification / Modification Plate
– E-Stops
– Wheel Chocks
– Starter & Battery Isolators
– Jumpstart
– UHF Radio
– Mine Conspicuous Tape to Sides of Tank
– Fire Extinguisher
– First Aid Kit
– Wheel Nut Indicators
– Triangles
– Reverse Camera
– Rear Hitch/Tow Point
– Various Safety Decals & more!

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IVECO EuroCargo ML225

Supplying market-leading ergonomics and relaxation, exceptional functionality and fantastic manoeuvrability it is no question the Eurocargo is among Europe’s most popular medium duty vans.

The latest Eurocargo range is a flexible, large quality European truck providing outstanding fuel economy, enhanced cost of ownership with 80,000, a market leading turning circle, kilometers, oil change intervals and first-class comfort driveability. Using a wide variety of variations including many transmitting, wheelbases, axle and taxi choices, there is bound to be a Eurocargo to match any medium-load use.

Another benefit of the variety is its flexibility. It is simple to drive in city centers thanks to a lightweight cab and a market-leading steering angle (49 degrees) supplies an excellent turning circle. The EuroCargo also provides excellent performance with to 279 hp available, while additionally returning outstanding fuel efficiency.

The Eurocargo cab chassis is a great platform to get an extensive range of body fitments – the chassis rails are fully flat at the top and free from impediments, letting human body measures from 7 to 9.5m.

Having a gross vehicle mass of 22.5 lots, the Eurocargo ML225 is the biggest model in the Eurocargo range. For those jobs that require that extra carrying capability, the ML225 is installed using an added axle in a 6×2 layout. Run by the 279 hp engine, the ML225 has lots of power when required while also returning remarkable energy efficiency. The ML225 also supplies the alternative of both sleeper cab or a day two different wheelbase options, as well as A9-speed automatic or manual tranmission.


  • Low chassis height.
  • ISRI air suspended drivers seat.
  • Superior Turning Circle.
  • 80,000km Engine Oil Service Intervals
  • Manual, Automatic Or Automated Transmissions.
  • Day Or Sleeper Cab.
  • Ecas Air Suspension for a Smooth Ride/li>

10 Reasons Why Western Star 4700

Western Star 4700 Series



Can’t afford the quality of Western Star? Well now you can, the all new 4700 series is built to meet the demands of today’s budgets. This new truck is still of course every bit a Western Star. Unmatched attention to detail, hand-built just like they’ve been doing for 40 years. Durable and reliable but designed to be lighter to save you money. The half-inch-thick, single-channel frame rails gives you both.

Galvannealed steel cabs with extra gussets and reinforcements that are bonded instead of riveted and precision welded for strength. The cabs are then dipped and protected with a 17-stage e-coat process for long-lasting corrosion resistance. The interior is built with a 72-inch-wide cab with a sloped hood for increase visibility.

The cab feature storage in the doors and between the seats, as well as marine-grade switches and a hinged dash with exposed fasteners for faster access. A dedicated wiring floor channel with an easy-to-remove top provides plenty of room for you to run your own wiring. The interface connector and transmission control unit are inside the cab and out of the elements.

Here are the Top Reasons to Buy Western Star

1. Ride Quality – they made sure the ride quality matches the build.

2. Power Choices – Each can be spec’d to order.

3. Factory Customization – 3,600 options mean you can get it how you want it.

4. Dealer Network – a big network to support you.

5. Durability – they only use components that meet their standards.

6. Body-Builder Friendly – they make trucks designed to reduce installation time.

7. Lightweight Options – you can spec a truck to be one of the lightest available.

8. Driver Comfort- designed for overall driver comfort.

9. Rugged Frames – a strong frame makes a strong truck.

10. Easier Serviceability – made easy to work on.


The new Western Star 4700 is built with body builder-specific options that reduce installation time and save money. Clear frame rails with in-cab batteries, clean back of cab for front frame extensions and ample room between the seats to install auxiliary equipment. The 4700 comes standard with a stationary grille to make installing the equipment you need a little easier.



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Izuzu Giga CXY 455 Walkaround

Izuzu Giga CXY



SITEC SERIES II 455 6 cylinder 24 valve SOHC Engine with high capacity turbocharger and air-to-air intercooler. Direct injection high pressure common rail system. Four-stage electronically controlled cooled EGR with exhaust Diesel Particulate Diffuser (DPD). 18 speed constant mesh transmission.


Single stage alloy steel taper leaf spring with double acting hydraulic shock absorbers on the front and taper leaf springs on the rear. Front and rear drum brakes with auto slackers and ABS. Air controlled exhaust brake and trailer brake connection on the chassis. Cold riveted ladder frame with high tensile weldable steel sidemembers. 400L aluminium fuel tank mounted on the frame.

Cabin Specifications

All steel full floating cab with air suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers and electro-hydraulic cab tilt. Isri 6860 air suspension driver’s seat with pneumatic lumbar support, height, rake and automatic weight adjustment. ADR 42 compliant sleeper with mattress. Driver airbag and handy door and roof pillar entry assist grips. Engine idle speed control and Inter-axle lock and cross lock engage switches. Rear suspension raise, lower and dump on CXY model.


  • Emissions: JNLT 05 – meets ADR 80/03
  • Driver airbag with seatbelt pretensioner
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Cross and inter-axle locks
  • ECE-R29 compliant cab
  • ECE-R93 compliant front underrun
  • protection device (FUPD)
  • Isri 6860 seat with integrated seatbelt

2008 Model For Sale

Volvo FH Review


Volvo automobiles are known for their top notch features and the firm’s vans share the exact same aspects. The F-H is the biggest truck in Volvo line. This year the F-H variety acquired a few improvements to maintain the version on the top of the charts. As a way to offer a higher level of versatility, the F-H can be found in numerous variants of cuts and taxis. The F-H is also outfitted with successful and powerful engines with a power output array between 420-540 hp.

The Volvo FH is accessible with four cab layouts including sleeper-cab, Day-Cab, Globetrotter Cab and Globe-Trotter XL Cab and comes in rigid arrangement.

Volvo had consistently a more traditional strategy regarding the layout department and no different is made by the F-H. With a taxi on motor configuration, the truck has a clean and robust layout which manages well with its duty persona that is heavy.

A chromed angled strip traverses the entrance grille that was square and bares the inc’s emblem in its centre offering the truck a studious encounter. The most popular details are the raked screen and the perpendicular headlights that are low-placed , as their sharp layout advertising a touch of sportiness to the entire truck.

The appearance of the FH is mature and mo Re dim in relation to the imposing look of the Mercedes Actros. While we enjoy the notable layout of its two rivals, clients pick heavy-duty vehicles due to the aesthetic decisions and their capacity are usually extra. Fortunately, every heavyduty vehicle available on the marketplace offers functionality that are wonderful, but Volvos stay among the most reliable trucks in the business.

Scaling aboard, you’ll locate one of the finest cottages in the section. The materials and the build quality are at a premium level and the F H can even be compared with the Mercedes Mercedes Actros. We also love the wraparound design of the dash that’s not dissimilar with the one from the Magnum.

The front space that is driving is standard for the cab over engine configuration, with an excellent highway visibility combined with flexible air hanging captain chairs. When the engine is off the passenger seat is designed to swivel 90°,, to offer a better see to the flat-screen Television installed above the s couch. Switches and all the controls are intuitively placed and also hand brake and the gear selector additionally come simple in to hand. Also, we also enjoy the solid design of the tyre and it’s measurements are totally selected making it easy to hold.

Also if you won’t pick the many spacious cottage in the F H range (Globetrotter XL Taxi) , the vehicle still gives plenty of room and a plethora of storage places including an under bunk fridge and a couple of of use boxes above the windscreen.

As a result of the last facelift, the individual cabs have acquired a wider bed which will be reasonably comfortable and it’s also reclinable offering an increased degree of flexibility.

For the F-H variety, Volvo also offers rain sensors for the windshield wipers. When, and how much, rain is falling and also the windshield wipers are automatically adjusted to fit the detectors track,. Lastly the cabin is installed with a powerful sound system with the possibility for MP3, AUX, USB and Television inputs.

The Volvo F H is equipped with a host of powerful Swedish motors starting from 420 to 540 hp. Thanks to their first-rate build-quality, these engines are among the easiest and well-balanced units in the 44 lots section.

No matter which motor you’ll select, the truck may climb hillsides without splitting a sweat also when it’s fully-loaded at 44 tonnes. The part that is really great is that by virtue of the competent automatic transmissions, it will also get it done by optimum fuel efficiency.

For the F-H range, there’s a selection of three gearboxes including I-Shift Powertronic, Handbook and. All three gearboxes are easy and precise with well chosen proportions. The automated transmissions continue to keep the momentum at best by choosing the ideal tools to be able to provide maximum performances and low fuel consumption and perform perfectly in-sync with the engine. The Ecoroll perform is also there to raise the effectiveness by disconnecting the main shaft in the gearbox when on flat.

You can use the Volvo engine brake (VEB) by means of a stalk mounted on the proper of the steering line that provides four set spots guaranteeing the optimum stopping power for any time.

While you’re driving you’re helped by Volvo’s and Property Maintaining Help (LKS), VEB and cruise control systems which make a great job in keeping the vehicle in balance. Thanks to each one of these hightech nannies the vehicle may cruise all-day-long with many of the episodes stored under get a handle on.

The F H is available with a broad range of chassis layouts including 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8× 2 4 versions joined with heavyduty suspensions.

The Electronically-Controlled Suspension can automatically adjust itself to ensure the vehicle compensates and remains at a constant height for unevenly distributed loads. There’s also a manual height manage to fix the load platform’s height to match that of the cargo bay. The F H can also be satisfied with leaf-springs of parabolic or conventional sort.

The suspension setup is rather pliant and joined with the atmosphere suspended seats the ride is comfortable. You ’ll also enjoy the sharp directing that provides a precise feel and moves the tremendous wheel effortlessly.

As a fast truck the Volvo F-H makes a powerful case for itself. Due to its comfortable and modern cabin is, in addition, a “ work-place that is nice on being equipped with a lot of premium attributes to reach the driver sense like home. There’s available a broad range of frame and cab configurations, thus being able to serve for lots of obligations. As there are on the list of most purified units in the segment the engines were also adored by us. The transmissions aren’t not good either and cope well with the duties of a high quality vehicle. Additionally, the Volvo FH is as a result of the sturdy build quality is among the most reliable vans on the marketplace and also equipped with a lot of safety features.