Caterpillar D4G XL Dozer with ripper fitted

The newest D4G combines the energy of a larger tractor together with the versatility and manoeuvrability of a smaller machine in one single bundle to fulfill a wide variety of applications. With its comfortable operator station, outstanding visibility and straightforward joystick control, the D4G is all you expect from Caterpillar.

Designed for all your construction requirements.

The re-designed cabin is quiet and more spacious for a work environment that is comfortable.

The well-established Caterpillar T six-cylinder engine provides power that is smooth, responsive with outstanding fuel economy and continuing reliability.

With a 14% gain in blade capability, the Variable Power Perspective and Tip (VPAT) knife is created and constructed for unparalleled flexibility.

This new, bigger ripper is more competitive and permits the operator to do ripper work that is more effective. Heavy duty design provides longevity. Similar linkage layout allows for maneuverability and better penetration in tight areas. A longer shank delivers more work per move producing the
machine more successful.

This Device is prepared for Levelling Grading Funnel, system & platform fitted for GPS Antenna Construction Sales