Caterpillar D5G XL Track-Type Tractor Review

The new D5G Track-Type Tractor is designed for all of your construction needs.



The D5G has the power of proven turbocharged six-cylinder Caterpillar 3046T engine which delivers plenty of push. The power is smooth and responsive with excellent fuel economy and low noise emissions thanks to the turbocharger and high pressure fuel injection results. The CAT 3046T engine is designed for improved performance at lower engine speeds important for operators working in tight spaces at part throttle.

One thing I’m not a big fan of is the steering is proportionally controlled by the joystick position, but not the speed. Speed is not controlled by proportionally pushing the joystick further forward of backwards, but rather by two push buttons on the joy stick. You push one button to step up the speed, and the other to step it down. Each time you push the button it goes a little faster or a little slower. An indicator on the dash displays the machines current operating speed. When the joystick is moved to the neutral position, the tractor stops.


The D5G easily maneuvers through side loading blade applications by engaging counterrotation briefly to correct machine position. Counterrotation also provides quick and easy maneuvering in confined work areas. The D5G has excellent tracking providing increased productivity on side slopes.


The Variable Pitch, Power Angle and Tilt (VPAT) blade has 14% increased capacity and is designed and built for versatility, durability and strength. The trunion is now mounted on the c-frame instead of the blade and the trunnion ball size has been increased to provide longer life and reduce ownership cost. The pin joints have also been improved to enhance durability and lengthen life. The mainframe has been modelled after larger Caterpillar tractors with a solid back bone for handling forces generated during tough dozing. Robotic welding process delivers reliability and durability need for construction remediation sites.

Operator Station

The redesigned Operator Station is quieter and more spacious, based on the cab designs of the large Caterpillar track-type tractors. A new climate control system, increased leg room and enhanced visibility all enhance the ergonomics.

Other Cab comforts:
• Armrest adjustments
• Directed air vents
• Wide angle rear view mirror
• Cup-holder
• 12 volt power port
• Radio ready factory installed speaker and antennae
• Dome light
• Coat hook
• Tie down for lunch box
• Air conditioner


The operator station provides an improved view of the blade and work site with 13% more glass area. The Angled doors on the left and right hand sides delivers improved visibility to the blade corners and edges. The operator can easily see blade corners and cutting edges so no more grading by feel.


The D5G combines the power of a larger tractor with the versatility and maneuverability of a smaller machine in meeting a wide range of job applications. Its comfortable operator station, excellent visibility and simple joystick control is everything you expect from Caterpillar.

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2012 Isuzu FVZ 1400 long

2012 Isuzu FVZ 1400 Tipper

– Mine Spec
– Certified ROPS/FOPS
– 11m3 Hardox Body
– 14t Payload
– 12V & 24V Jump Start Receptacles
– Wheel Chocks
– UHF Radio
– Whip Flag
– Canvas Seat Covers
– Battery Isolator
– Starter Isolator
– Amber Beacon
– 9kg External Fire Extinguisher
– 1kg Internal Fire Extinguisher
– Wheel Nut Tension Indicators
– Park Brake Alarm
– Auto Headlights On
– First Aid Kit
– Breakdown Triangle Kits
– NW Window Tinting

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Komatsu D65ex-15eo Dozer Walk Around


D65EX-15EO Crawler Dozer

The GALEO brand is Komatsu’s lineup of advanced construction and mining equipment. Designed with high productivity, safety and environmental considerations in mind, these machines reflect Komatsu’s commitment to value, reliability and versatility.


Featuring a turbocharged diesel engine with 153KW at 1950rpm which makes Komatsu superior for ripping and dozing operations. The direct fuel-injected engine with turbocharger ensures fuel efficiency while meeting Tier3 EPA emission standards and mounted to the mainframe with rubber cushions to minimise noise and vibration. The electronic power-train control improves reliability and smoother operation while maintaining optimal operational efficiency.

Steering and Travel Controller

The Hydrostatic Steering System delivers smooth, powerful turning powered by and independent hydraulic pump. When turning the outside track moves faster than the inside track resulting in smoother turning while not damaging the ground as the inside track is not locked. When load is applied and travel speed reduced the controller automatically downshifts to optimise the gear operation and fuel efficiency.

Console Interface

The palm controlled travel joystick delivers excellent control with a relaxed posture to reduce fatigue and the proportional pressure controlled blade joystick delivers fine control. Gear shifting is as simple as press of the thumb buttons. The seat has full 15 degree adjustment for ease of operator control during reversing and the console has travel control adjustment both for, aft and height as well as arm.


To ensure convenient maintenance the transmission, HSS and power train oil level gauge and tank are all on the right side of the dozer. A self-diagnosis function occurs when the machine is switched on and action codes are displayed on the console to alert the operator to abnormalities. A warning buzzer sounds for critical actions. The hydraulic piping for the blade is completely enclosed to ensure protection from damage and the modular power-train allows component to be mounted and dis-mounted without oil spillage.

Komatsu components are designed to work together for higher production and longer reliability. Building on almost 100 years of technology and expertise Komatsu provides exceptional technological innovation with reliability and value for money.

Komatsu D65ex 15EO



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2014 Curry Supply CR12000C CAT 773E/F

FOR SALE- Curry Supply CR12000C Water Tank for CAT 773 D/E and F Trucks

  • 12,000 US Gallon Capacity (45,000 Litres)
  • Low Profile / Low Centre of Gravity
  • Front mounted Ladder
  • Stop / Turn & Reversing Lights
  • Spray System Control Panel for installation in Cab
  • Berkeley 4 X 3 Hydraulic Water Pump
  • 4 X Rear Mounted independently operated Sprays
  • Elkhart Water Spray Cannon (fully remote controlled from Cab)
  • Manual Rewind Hose Reel (1 1/2 inch X 50), VFD gravity drop at rear

The Power of Concrete Pumps

Concrete Pumps in Construction

Concrete Pumping is an efficient and reliable method of placing concrete. A pump works by one piston drawing liquid concrete into one cylinder while the another one simultaneously pushes its concrete out into the discharge pipes. Each time the piston pushes the concrete out a valve switches over and the second piston pushes concrete out while the first draws it in. This ensures a smooth constant flow. The pistons generate the differential in atmospheric pressure required to drag the viscous liquid in and significant force to expel it.

Concrete pump can be attached to a truck or longer units are on semi-trailers. This is known as a boom concrete pump when using a remote-controlled articulating arm to accurately place concrete. Boom pumps are used on mostly on the larger construction projects as they are capable of pumping at very high volumes. They also reduce the necessity for ground-based pipes which are time consuming and often difficult install and require extra labour.

The other type of concrete pump is commonly referred to as a line pump requiring steel or flexible concrete placing hoses to be manually attached to the outlet of the pump. By linking them together concrete can be manually placed. This is time-consuming and they usually pump concrete at lower volumes than boom pumps. Usually not used in construction they are often used for smaller volume concrete placing such as swimming pools, new concrete slabs or concrete patching.

The biggest advantage of boom pumps is their pinpoint accuracy and capacity to deliver concrete to areas that might not be easily or safely accessed. In 1986, Putzmeister 52Z’s were used in the Chernobyl nuclear accident, pumping over 400,000 cubic yards of concrete to entomb reactor number 4. In 2011 Putzmeister 70z and 62z were used on the Fukishima Nuclear reactor to pump seawater to cool the reactor.

The Concrete Pump was particularly important in revolutionising the construction of high rise buildings replacing lift large buckets (or skips) full of concrete via a crane. However a crane could lift one bucket at a time. The ease and speed of pumping concrete makes it the most economical method of concrete placement.

Schwing 61-58SX Boom Pump in Action

Izuzu Giga CXY 455 Walkaround

Izuzu Giga CXY



SITEC SERIES II 455 6 cylinder 24 valve SOHC Engine with high capacity turbocharger and air-to-air intercooler. Direct injection high pressure common rail system. Four-stage electronically controlled cooled EGR with exhaust Diesel Particulate Diffuser (DPD). 18 speed constant mesh transmission.


Single stage alloy steel taper leaf spring with double acting hydraulic shock absorbers on the front and taper leaf springs on the rear. Front and rear drum brakes with auto slackers and ABS. Air controlled exhaust brake and trailer brake connection on the chassis. Cold riveted ladder frame with high tensile weldable steel sidemembers. 400L aluminium fuel tank mounted on the frame.

Cabin Specifications

All steel full floating cab with air suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers and electro-hydraulic cab tilt. Isri 6860 air suspension driver’s seat with pneumatic lumbar support, height, rake and automatic weight adjustment. ADR 42 compliant sleeper with mattress. Driver airbag and handy door and roof pillar entry assist grips. Engine idle speed control and Inter-axle lock and cross lock engage switches. Rear suspension raise, lower and dump on CXY model.


  • Emissions: JNLT 05 – meets ADR 80/03
  • Driver airbag with seatbelt pretensioner
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Cross and inter-axle locks
  • ECE-R29 compliant cab
  • ECE-R93 compliant front underrun
  • protection device (FUPD)
  • Isri 6860 seat with integrated seatbelt

2008 Model For Sale

Freightliner Coronado 114 Specs



This truck is all about maximising loads. A short bumper to back of cab, set forward front axle, low tare and big bore engine, Freightliner’s new Coronado 114 is a truck is designed and built to excels in specific roles. Created for Australian’s extreme weather conditions with big chrome grille and side-stacks it looks as good as it performs.


The powerful and proven big bore Detroit Diesel DD15 is an engine that is built on reliability. Available from 475 – 560 hp with no engine hardware change the DD15 can deliver the troque when you need it.

Engines Available

  • 475 hp (354 kW), 1,650 lb-ft
  • 505 hp (377 kW), 1,650 lb-ft
  • 500 hp (373 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
  • 530 hp (395 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
  • 560 hp (418 kW), 1,850 lb-ft

Other Drivetrain Features
Donaldson PowerCore air filter with dual pre-filters.
Horton 2 speed DriveMaster Polar Extreme fan clutch.
Eaton UltraShift Plus with SmartShift™ paddle.
Eaton twin disc self adjusting clutch with Aluminium housing
227 litre Fuel tanks


Featuring double door seals, noise abatement material and thermal insulation isolation, the driver is kept from the noise and dust outside. To dampen road irregularities a ‘pillow block’ front cab mount is used.

Choose from a Day Cab or two Sleepers ranging from a roomy 34” single to a huge 58” XT sleeper – XT stands for extra tall! Freightliner’s famous flat floor means plenty of headroom. Coronado 114 cabs are made of light but strong aluminium so they not only deliver a low tare-weight but also exceed Europe’s stringent crash test standard.

A high-backed, air dampened seat with lumbar support and a fully adjustable chrome and leather steering wheel means the driver comfort has been kept in mind. Obligatory air-conditioning and heating included standard. The injection-moulded two-tone dashboard with wood grain features and studded vinyl or cloth trims in either studded vinyl or cloth round out a cabin that is as aesthetically appealing as comfortable.

Coronado 114

Basin Mixer Taps

Della Francesca Modern Basin Mixer – exceptional quality.

The clean straight lines of this basin mixer, lever and back plate — along with a brilliant chrome finish — are ideal for any modern bathroom. The accessory has a height of 100mm and a width of 220mm. The tap extends out 173mm.

Concrete Batching Plant

Description Concrete batching plant and truck for sale. Price includes truck. Agitator in excellent condition. Please phone for more Info. Product Details Price $70,000* Make Concrete Batching Plant Item Condition Good Category Concrete Equipment Sub-category Batching Plant Reference Code 3025774 Last Modified Date 26/09/2014 Seller Details Suburb Hillston State New South Wales Postcode 2675

Wacker Neuson Helicopter Trowel For Sale

Wacker Neuson CT24-4A Walk-behind Trowel Edging trowel offers job site solution Specifically designed for up to the edge finishing, this compact trowel eliminates hand work along walls. This machine improves productivity and quality while providing more ergonomics for the operator. Offering better floating and finishing capabilities along wall lines and obstacles, Wacker Neuson’s edging trowel delivers an unmatched solution to the concrete job site.

Mecbo Concrete Boom Pump

Ideal for pouring volume concrete for footings, floors & suspended slabs
Fast, economical and safe method of pouring concrete
Ideal for pouring concrete at height
Easy to move from site to site
Concrete pumping systems, output from 25m3/hr – 150m3/hr
Concrete booms from 12m to 53m (3,4&5 sections, R and ZR folds)
Shot-crete for tunneling and special applications


Komatsu D575a – Biggest Crawler Tractor in the World

The Greatest Operational Crawler Tractor in the World

Everything about the crawler tractor that is D575A is super-sized: From trail underside to cab top, it averages 16’ high, dwarfing an average-sized guy by over 10’. With a typical blade attached, it quantifies 24’3”’ broad by 38.5 feet long — over three times the measurements for an average automobile — and weighs in at close to 300,000 lbs.

Earth stuff that would require about 720 wheelbarrow loads to the average man to go, the Komatsu 575A can clear in one pass of its patented 90y3 capacity Super Dozer Blade. The Super Dozer Blade ’ tall. 11 weighs in at a significant 22,000 pounds and stands

Both in size and blade capacity, the D575A’s closest competitor, is the Caterpillar D11. But when when compared with the D575A, the D11 comes in height and blade capacity both in short.

Size differences aside the D575A and the D11 are machines constructed especially for the quarry and mining industry and the surroundings within which they run.


Komatsu assembles these massive machines in Ishikawa. The superdozer is powered by a turbo-loaded, drawer-air-cooled 12 cylinder diesel – SA12V170E. The Awesome performance of this mighty engine and tremendous motor-torque allow this superdozer enormous feats of pushing strength of over 485,000 lb. It is so stable that it can even rip rock-hardened ground close to one meter wide with its colossal blade, has a capacity of unbeatable 90 yd³ which allows it to push 348,000 lb of overburden effortlessly.

At the Mining Website

The first D575A superb dozer made went into operation.

Now, the 1,065 hp (794.2 kW) 12-cyclinder D575A is accessible in two upgraded versions: the D575A-3 bullldozer/ripper and the D575A-3 SD (Super Dozer), a committed bulldozer.

The D575A helped raise the average yards per scheduled running hour from about 375 yards showing your choice by the mine owners to buy the machine was the correct choice for raising generation.

It was only fitting that Komatsu additionally create a complementary machine in 1995, with this kind of prodigious crawler tractor contained in its product line. Komatsu’s 930E 2 was dubbed by many heavy gear enthusiasts as the world that is “ ’s greatest capacity dump truck.” It have this title when the Cat 797 was introduced by Caterpillar.

A leading Western Australian mining operation has taken delivery of Komatsu’s D575A 3 dozer, for a program which will mainly entail ripping work.
“ Throughout its history, an important percentage of the D575As produced were sold to contract miners and mines in Australia, with others.

“ The machine has established an important tool where blasting isn’t allowed for various motives, and is especially well suited to programs that were ripping, and ” he said, where tearing is the only option.

This machine will be participated in ripping about 95% of the time, as blasting isn’t permitted as a result of mine’s closeness to local residents, alongside high voltage power lines running through the lease.

Another D575A-2 tears cover stone in a nearby mine, while two Dashboard 2, in New Zealand s are working on the West Coast of the South Island at the Stockton coal mine tearing cap stone in a place where blasting isn’t a choice.

David said that the customer and Komatsu worked on the delivery of the closing D575A-3 dozer to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible.

Volvo FH Review


Volvo automobiles are known for their top notch features and the firm’s vans share the exact same aspects. The F-H is the biggest truck in Volvo line. This year the F-H variety acquired a few improvements to maintain the version on the top of the charts. As a way to offer a higher level of versatility, the F-H can be found in numerous variants of cuts and taxis. The F-H is also outfitted with successful and powerful engines with a power output array between 420-540 hp.

The Volvo FH is accessible with four cab layouts including sleeper-cab, Day-Cab, Globetrotter Cab and Globe-Trotter XL Cab and comes in rigid arrangement.

Volvo had consistently a more traditional strategy regarding the layout department and no different is made by the F-H. With a taxi on motor configuration, the truck has a clean and robust layout which manages well with its duty persona that is heavy.

A chromed angled strip traverses the entrance grille that was square and bares the inc’s emblem in its centre offering the truck a studious encounter. The most popular details are the raked screen and the perpendicular headlights that are low-placed , as their sharp layout advertising a touch of sportiness to the entire truck.

The appearance of the FH is mature and mo Re dim in relation to the imposing look of the Mercedes Actros. While we enjoy the notable layout of its two rivals, clients pick heavy-duty vehicles due to the aesthetic decisions and their capacity are usually extra. Fortunately, every heavyduty vehicle available on the marketplace offers functionality that are wonderful, but Volvos stay among the most reliable trucks in the business.

Scaling aboard, you’ll locate one of the finest cottages in the section. The materials and the build quality are at a premium level and the F H can even be compared with the Mercedes Mercedes Actros. We also love the wraparound design of the dash that’s not dissimilar with the one from the Magnum.

The front space that is driving is standard for the cab over engine configuration, with an excellent highway visibility combined with flexible air hanging captain chairs. When the engine is off the passenger seat is designed to swivel 90°,, to offer a better see to the flat-screen Television installed above the s couch. Switches and all the controls are intuitively placed and also hand brake and the gear selector additionally come simple in to hand. Also, we also enjoy the solid design of the tyre and it’s measurements are totally selected making it easy to hold.

Also if you won’t pick the many spacious cottage in the F H range (Globetrotter XL Taxi) , the vehicle still gives plenty of room and a plethora of storage places including an under bunk fridge and a couple of of use boxes above the windscreen.

As a result of the last facelift, the individual cabs have acquired a wider bed which will be reasonably comfortable and it’s also reclinable offering an increased degree of flexibility.

For the F-H variety, Volvo also offers rain sensors for the windshield wipers. When, and how much, rain is falling and also the windshield wipers are automatically adjusted to fit the detectors track,. Lastly the cabin is installed with a powerful sound system with the possibility for MP3, AUX, USB and Television inputs.

The Volvo F H is equipped with a host of powerful Swedish motors starting from 420 to 540 hp. Thanks to their first-rate build-quality, these engines are among the easiest and well-balanced units in the 44 lots section.

No matter which motor you’ll select, the truck may climb hillsides without splitting a sweat also when it’s fully-loaded at 44 tonnes. The part that is really great is that by virtue of the competent automatic transmissions, it will also get it done by optimum fuel efficiency.

For the F-H range, there’s a selection of three gearboxes including I-Shift Powertronic, Handbook and. All three gearboxes are easy and precise with well chosen proportions. The automated transmissions continue to keep the momentum at best by choosing the ideal tools to be able to provide maximum performances and low fuel consumption and perform perfectly in-sync with the engine. The Ecoroll perform is also there to raise the effectiveness by disconnecting the main shaft in the gearbox when on flat.

You can use the Volvo engine brake (VEB) by means of a stalk mounted on the proper of the steering line that provides four set spots guaranteeing the optimum stopping power for any time.

While you’re driving you’re helped by Volvo’s and Property Maintaining Help (LKS), VEB and cruise control systems which make a great job in keeping the vehicle in balance. Thanks to each one of these hightech nannies the vehicle may cruise all-day-long with many of the episodes stored under get a handle on.

The F H is available with a broad range of chassis layouts including 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8× 2 4 versions joined with heavyduty suspensions.

The Electronically-Controlled Suspension can automatically adjust itself to ensure the vehicle compensates and remains at a constant height for unevenly distributed loads. There’s also a manual height manage to fix the load platform’s height to match that of the cargo bay. The F H can also be satisfied with leaf-springs of parabolic or conventional sort.

The suspension setup is rather pliant and joined with the atmosphere suspended seats the ride is comfortable. You ’ll also enjoy the sharp directing that provides a precise feel and moves the tremendous wheel effortlessly.

As a fast truck the Volvo F-H makes a powerful case for itself. Due to its comfortable and modern cabin is, in addition, a “ work-place that is nice on being equipped with a lot of premium attributes to reach the driver sense like home. There’s available a broad range of frame and cab configurations, thus being able to serve for lots of obligations. As there are on the list of most purified units in the segment the engines were also adored by us. The transmissions aren’t not good either and cope well with the duties of a high quality vehicle. Additionally, the Volvo FH is as a result of the sturdy build quality is among the most reliable vans on the marketplace and also equipped with a lot of safety features.