Caterpillar D6R XL Dozer / Crawler

The D6R Series III is engineered for demanding applications with the reliability and low operating costs you expect from Cat machines.


An isolation- mounted, pressurized cab reduces sound and vibration for operator comfort. The cab is pre-wired for a 12-volt or 24-volt radio, equipped with two loudspeakers, an antenna and a radio mount recessed in the headliner.

The Cat Comfort Series seat has a thick, contoured pillow, rolled down front edge and is adjustable eight-manners for comfort and ideal support. The operator has a great view to rear and the blade of the machine for maximum productivity. Seat side bolsters limit side-to-side movement when working on steep grades or side pitches. The operator can feel load and the terrain on the device through the seat.

The tapered hood, notched fuel tank and narrow single-shank ripper carriage give a clear line of sight to the front and rear work spaces to the operator. The large single-pane windows blade and offer excellent screening.

  • Adjustable Armrests. Adjustment could be performed without using any tools.
  • In-Dash Instrument Cluster.
  • Readouts and all gauges can be visible in direct sunlight.

Cat C9 Engine with ACERT Technology.

It uses a group of Caterpillar engineered inventions that provide innovative electronic control, ACERT Technology, refined air management and precision fuel delivery, leading to lower emissions and outstanding performance. Technology fulfills U.S. EPA Tier 3 and European Union Stage IIIa emissions standards.

Cylinder head material toughness and increased block minimizes the effect of high cylinder pressure. The sculpted heavy-duty design reduces sound and vibration levels. The built-in oil cooler reduces engine weight, width and possible leaks while improving oil and coolant flow.

Undercarriage and sub-structure

The exclusive SystemOne Undercarriage was fashioned for dependability and durability by substantially increasing undercarriage life and reducing possessing and operating costs.A unique attribute of the System One Undercarriage is that, unlike a conventional undercarriage, a master fashion link isn’t needed. This enhances endurance and trail reliability.


All blades feature a strong box-section design that resists cracking and twisting. Blades are manufactured from Cat DH-2™ steel that has high tensile strength and stands up to the most severe applications. Heavy moldboard building and hardened bolt-on cutting end bits and edges add durability and strength.

Semi-Universal. The Semi-Universal blade is built for demanding applications where capacity and penetration is essential.

Straight Blade. The S-blade provides versatility that is great. It may handle heavier materials than a larger blade because it has less blade capability.

Angle Blade. The angle blade is fastened by outside-mounted pusharms using a pinned connection that allows blade angling and leaning, left or right.

Blade angle is shifted manually and blade tilt is changed hydraulically.

The operator may also adjust blade pitch.

Better cutting edge visibility from operator station

• Enhanced rock and angle cylinder lines routing and guarding

• Enhanced structural durability

• No wear plates needed on main frame or the radiator guard

Answering a significance of a tractor maneuverable with the skill to cut and complete levels, operators are given the stability needed when working on inclines by the D6R III. When coupled with the VPAT blade, the D6R III allows for rough and finish grade that is more efficient in uses like house pad construction and golf course development.

Caterpillar Cat 931c Information


In 1988 The Caterpillar 931C crawler loader was introduced to replace the Caterpillar 931B.

The 931C has a four-cylinder 67 flywheel horsepower (FWHP) 3204 direct injection engine. It comes standard with modified undercarriage and steering clutch and brake linkage.

It was available in two tack gauges – the standard model has a gauge of 56 inches (142 cm) and the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configuration has a 65-inch (165-cm) gauge.

The 2BJ and 6RF units have a three speeds forward, three reverse powershift transmission. The 7HF and 8AF units have a three speeds forward, one reverse powershift transmission. The 5LG has a five speeds forward, four reverse direct drive transmission.

In 1990 three 931C Series II crawler loaders were introduced (2AK, 6AJ, 9AG). They all come standard with a ground engaging tool (GET) option, a new operator station, and increased breakout force.

The 2AK and 6AJ both have a three speeds forward, three reverse transmission. The 9AG has three speeds forward, one reverse. Production of the 931C Series II ended in 1993.

Caterpillar D5G XL Track-Type Tractor Review

The new D5G Track-Type Tractor is designed for all of your construction needs.



The D5G has the power of proven turbocharged six-cylinder Caterpillar 3046T engine which delivers plenty of push. The power is smooth and responsive with excellent fuel economy and low noise emissions thanks to the turbocharger and high pressure fuel injection results. The CAT 3046T engine is designed for improved performance at lower engine speeds important for operators working in tight spaces at part throttle.

One thing I’m not a big fan of is the steering is proportionally controlled by the joystick position, but not the speed. Speed is not controlled by proportionally pushing the joystick further forward of backwards, but rather by two push buttons on the joy stick. You push one button to step up the speed, and the other to step it down. Each time you push the button it goes a little faster or a little slower. An indicator on the dash displays the machines current operating speed. When the joystick is moved to the neutral position, the tractor stops.


The D5G easily maneuvers through side loading blade applications by engaging counterrotation briefly to correct machine position. Counterrotation also provides quick and easy maneuvering in confined work areas. The D5G has excellent tracking providing increased productivity on side slopes.


The Variable Pitch, Power Angle and Tilt (VPAT) blade has 14% increased capacity and is designed and built for versatility, durability and strength. The trunion is now mounted on the c-frame instead of the blade and the trunnion ball size has been increased to provide longer life and reduce ownership cost. The pin joints have also been improved to enhance durability and lengthen life. The mainframe has been modelled after larger Caterpillar tractors with a solid back bone for handling forces generated during tough dozing. Robotic welding process delivers reliability and durability need for construction remediation sites.

Operator Station

The redesigned Operator Station is quieter and more spacious, based on the cab designs of the large Caterpillar track-type tractors. A new climate control system, increased leg room and enhanced visibility all enhance the ergonomics.

Other Cab comforts:
• Armrest adjustments
• Directed air vents
• Wide angle rear view mirror
• Cup-holder
• 12 volt power port
• Radio ready factory installed speaker and antennae
• Dome light
• Coat hook
• Tie down for lunch box
• Air conditioner


The operator station provides an improved view of the blade and work site with 13% more glass area. The Angled doors on the left and right hand sides delivers improved visibility to the blade corners and edges. The operator can easily see blade corners and cutting edges so no more grading by feel.


The D5G combines the power of a larger tractor with the versatility and maneuverability of a smaller machine in meeting a wide range of job applications. Its comfortable operator station, excellent visibility and simple joystick control is everything you expect from Caterpillar.

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