Komatsu D575a – Biggest Crawler Tractor in the World

The Greatest Operational Crawler Tractor in the World

Everything about the crawler tractor that is D575A is super-sized: From trail underside to cab top, it averages 16’ high, dwarfing an average-sized guy by over 10’. With a typical blade attached, it quantifies 24’3”’ broad by 38.5 feet long — over three times the measurements for an average automobile — and weighs in at close to 300,000 lbs.

Earth stuff that would require about 720 wheelbarrow loads to the average man to go, the Komatsu 575A can clear in one pass of its patented 90y3 capacity Super Dozer Blade. The Super Dozer Blade ’ tall. 11 weighs in at a significant 22,000 pounds and stands

Both in size and blade capacity, the D575A’s closest competitor, is the Caterpillar D11. But when when compared with the D575A, the D11 comes in height and blade capacity both in short.

Size differences aside the D575A and the D11 are machines constructed especially for the quarry and mining industry and the surroundings within which they run.


Komatsu assembles these massive machines in Ishikawa. The superdozer is powered by a turbo-loaded, drawer-air-cooled 12 cylinder diesel – SA12V170E. The Awesome performance of this mighty engine and tremendous motor-torque allow this superdozer enormous feats of pushing strength of over 485,000 lb. It is so stable that it can even rip rock-hardened ground close to one meter wide with its colossal blade, has a capacity of unbeatable 90 yd³ which allows it to push 348,000 lb of overburden effortlessly.

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The first D575A superb dozer made went into operation.

Now, the 1,065 hp (794.2 kW) 12-cyclinder D575A is accessible in two upgraded versions: the D575A-3 bullldozer/ripper and the D575A-3 SD (Super Dozer), a committed bulldozer.

The D575A helped raise the average yards per scheduled running hour from about 375 yards showing your choice by the mine owners to buy the machine was the correct choice for raising generation.

It was only fitting that Komatsu additionally create a complementary machine in 1995, with this kind of prodigious crawler tractor contained in its product line. Komatsu’s 930E 2 was dubbed by many heavy gear enthusiasts as the world that is “ ’s greatest capacity dump truck.” It have this title when the Cat 797 was introduced by Caterpillar.

A leading Western Australian mining operation has taken delivery of Komatsu’s D575A 3 dozer, for a program which will mainly entail ripping work.
“ Throughout its history, an important percentage of the D575As produced were sold to contract miners and mines in Australia, with others.

“ The machine has established an important tool where blasting isn’t allowed for various motives, and is especially well suited to programs that were ripping, and ” he said, where tearing is the only option.

This machine will be participated in ripping about 95% of the time, as blasting isn’t permitted as a result of mine’s closeness to local residents, alongside high voltage power lines running through the lease.

Another D575A-2 tears cover stone in a nearby mine, while two Dashboard 2, in New Zealand s are working on the West Coast of the South Island at the Stockton coal mine tearing cap stone in a place where blasting isn’t a choice.

David said that the customer and Komatsu worked on the delivery of the closing D575A-3 dozer to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible.