Tieman Unveiles PBS Approved 20m B-double Tanker

Tieman has recently unveiled PBS-approved 20m B-double bulk liquid combinations that offer significant payload gains for the bulk tanker transport market.

Using the Conventional Mass Limits (CML) network, it can reach 59.75 tonnes, and importantly according to Tieman it is also approved to run on General Access routes with a 50.5-tonne limit.

“Our new Tieman tri-bogie combination is a game changer for the bulk liquid segment of the industry, as it can provide payload gains between eight and 12 per cent compared to a conventional 19m B-double on HML routes,” says Joint Managing Director, Colin Tieman.

According to Colin, the eight to 12 per cent increase is the result of reducing tare weight – “a major reason why we they are able to achieve such a huge net payload advantage on the 20m design,” he explained.